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Diploma In Financial Technology

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0) has brought a swift evolution within the  financial industry with highly adaptive and fluid financial technologies becoming the  new norm. Talents with cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills within these fields will  be in high demand in the coming years. MCKL aims to produce future-ready students  to meet the needs of the fast growing and far reaching FinTech industry. 

This programme will equip students with comprehensive knowledge and future oriented skills in finance and financial technology. Courses covered include financial  accounting and management, investments and personal financial planning,  introduction to FinTech, blockchain and FinTech governance.  


Through this programme, students will gain a wealth of theoretical and practical  knowledge to prepare them for the risks and opportunities that will arise from  FinTech’s disruptive effects across a broad range of products and services, including banking, wealth management, and payments systems. 


Upon completion of this programme, students can join the workforce, become FinTech  entrepreneurs or further their studies at our partner universities.


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