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Are you interested in fintech? Do you want to develop your soft skills? Yes, you are in the right place, submit your CV and Join Us Now!

Know nothing about fintech? Don't worry, we welcome applications from all backgrounds. 

Commit Yourself To Something Bigger Than Yourself

MYFinT has the vision to be the key player in the Malaysia digital industry and we need YOU to achieve that. Not only you are helping us, but we want to help YOU to grow and be a bold, innovative and revolutionary leader as well. 

We are a young, fun and inspiring team. At MYFinT, you will have the chance to involve in all kinds of strategic planning processes and be the key player in building a legacy for the next generation. As digital industry is an ever-changing industry, YOU will see different things every single day. With our broad international connections with fintech parties all around the world, YOU will gain the latest industrial knowledge, international exposure and be to able expand your professional network. Let's begin a new adventure with MYFinT!

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