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Malaysian Youth FinTech Association (MYFinT) is a non-profit, student led organisation dedicated to act as an umbrella society that facilitates growth of FinTech industry in Malaysia.


We aim to empower, motivate and inspire the young generation in all industries to adopt the latest technology. FinTech is not just about the finance anymore. It is about a new way of thinking, about understanding that no one is immune to the impact of technology, and about challenging the status quo. It is not just about pursuing a career in tech, but to show the world that if you think there is a better way to do something, you can do it.


We are acting as a catalyst for the technology advancement in Malaysia by helping the youth to enhance and equip key skills and knowledge of the cutting edge technologies. We believe that technology adoption is driving the future success and we, as the future master of our nation, should work together and bring technological innovation to Malaysia. We want to make not only the Malaysian youth, but our nation to be globally competitive in the future.


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